About - Saucer Foods
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We founded Saucer with the mission to create purposeful, sustainable food that doesn’t take shortcuts or compromise on quality.

We take pride in breaking down a recipe and finding ingredients to make it taste even better.

Our mission is to create healthier products, that are delicious and convenient, while using the best that nature has to offer. 

At Saucer Foods we don’t use refined sugars, artificial flavours or preservatives. It’s just good, honest, natural ketchup.

From gourmet chefs to fussy kids, we think our ketchup is the best you’ll ever taste. The taste that’s out of this world.

Many brands of tomato sauces contain similar amounts of sugar to soft drinks, or they substitute the sugar for artificial

sweeteners, we looked to a natural alternative to sweeten our sauce that delivers on taste with a fraction of the sugar.

Sweet as, without that sugar.

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